» Australian My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DVD out June 20

I’ve been fortunate to have a chat with Hugh from Madman Entertainment, the company which holds the distribution rights for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in Australia, about the upcoming localized DVD release of My Little Pony.

Starting June 20th Madman Entertainment will be releasing Season 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in its entirety as a five-volume DVD collection, containing five episodes per volume in proper air-date order. Each DVD will be Region 4 in PAL format with 5.1 surround sound and unfortunately will not include any special features at this stage.

Boxart of Volume 1 (left), Volume 2 (center) and the Collector's Case (right)

Volume #1, ‘Friendship Changes Everything‘, will contain episodes 1 through 5, while volume #2, ‘That’s What Friends Are For‘, will include episodes 6 – 10. Three as-yet-unnamed volumes will round out the DVD releases for season 1.

An exclusive Collector’s Box will be available from Madman’s online store; it includes Volume 1 and will provide enough room for the other four volumes and contain some other Pony presents (to be confirmed). Individual volumes will have a recommended retail price of AUD$19.95 and the collector’s box will be priced at AUD$29.95. 

[Source: Hugh Davies, Product Manager, Madman Entertainment]

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  6. I would love to own this dvd box set, and I know I am not the only newcomer that appreciates people like you. Looking forward to the release of one of the best shows Ive seen for quite a while.

  7. Is it too late to get this Box set? I really hate how Hasbro won’t give us a box set, and I’d really like one. But it isn’t coming up on their site. Only the DVD’s themselves, not the box.

    • The boxset is sold out. You might be able to find it from other retailers who might have a few left in stock. It seems they will not be releasing another wave of boxsets either, they were a limited ‘collectors’ item. Perhaps there will be a simpler boxset once all five volumes are out, not too sure.

      I just had a look on a few websites of aussie stores who would ship overseas… no luck. Ebay perhaps?

  8. Is it ironic that Australians have to buy their violent video games over seas, and Americans have to buy wholesome television from Australia? Seriously tho, I’m completely jealous. Now I need an Australian DVD player.

    • Boomerang aren’t airing S2 yet? I can’t say I’ve watched more then two or three episodes on Foxtel, they air at inconvenient hours. It appears Boomerang in the UK and Aus are only playing the first season, perhaps try emailing their support desk.