» [Updated] MMMystery on the Friendship Express Teaser Clip

The Hub has released a commercial for the next upcoming episode, MMMystery on the Friendship Express. If you want to get a taste of the next episode, due to air at 1 PM Eastern on April 7th on The Hub, click Read More to load the teaser clip, episode description, and a screenshot!

After a cake she is guarding for a contest is destroyed on the way to Canterlot, Pinkie Pie starts an investigation into who the culprit is, which turns into one of the silliest criminal investigations in the history of Equestria.

Thanks once again to forums user Chronos30 for his speed and proficiency in uploading.


The HUB have released an extended 30 second version of the teaser clip, seen below:

Thanks to youtube user LyraHooves for the upload. 

[Source: Chronos30 on YouTube, Lyra Hooves on YouTube]

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