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The meteoric rise of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has spawned a wealth of creativity and artistic endeavors. A curious pony fan need not travel far to find gigantic archives of fan art, PMVs, plushies or even sculptures, the best of which attain professional level quality.

Yet, in the shuffle of pony culture, another medium of artistic expression has been ignored and, in the minds of The Round Stable, overlooked far too long. We are, of course, referring to Blingees.

Little is known about the origins of Blingee, as it does not have a Wikipedia page. But long-time Internet residents will recognize the concept as originating in the early 2000s. In the prehistoric period of the Internet, people would often post on a site called “MySpace”; much like modern-day Facebook, this “MySpace” would contain some basic facts about the user’s life, along with pictures and an accompanying soundtrack. However, mere pictures were not enough. “MySpace” users often added gold chains, flashing hearts, and sparkling background imagery to show that they were in fact really cool and wanted their page to reflect this. Blingee expedited this process away from Photoshop and MS Paint and into one simple web destination. While “MySpace” has been lost forever to the annals of history, Blingee-technology remains easily available.

With an interest in the revolution of digital mediums and the continuing democratization of the artistic process worldwide, we at The Round Stable would like to present some of the best in modern-day pony-related Blingee artwork.

“Sonic Blingbloom”
by Mechanical Ape

Deceptively straightforward, Mechanical Ape’s “Sonic Blingbloom” is a guide to the fundamentals of Blingeeing. The sunglasses let us know that this isn’t just regular old Rainbow Dash, but is in fact really cool. If you aren’t convinced by the sunglasses, the cigar, Santa hat and textual cues should do the job.

“Rainbow, Dashed”
by Durandal

The best Blingees are, of course, subversive, challenging social norms by holding the mirror up to the standards that society ostensibly sets for itself. “Rainbow, Dashed” is no exception, making a subtle social commentary on existing US laws and procedures via the use of Rainbow Dash, clouds, and fire text.

DISCLAIMER: The Round Stable does not endorse nor condone the viewpoints expressed in this artwork, but wish to present it uncensored.

“Nothing Says Blingee Like A Pair of Socks”
by The great M

A nod to the pony ancestors which made G4 possible, The great M‘s Blingee is a tribute to 2005’s “A Very Minty Christmas“. Note the use of two Santas to indicate Christmas (“A Very Minty Christmas” takes place on Christmas), and the apparently electric mistletoe. By looking to the past, this Blingee gives us a guide to our future.

“Celestial Empire”
(Artist Unknown)

This uncredited masterwork presents Princess Celestia in full control of her 382×400 pixel universe. Donning a tiara and “Gangsta” chain, Celestia (who appears to demand to be called Princess Perfection) smokes four blunts at once as she watches legions of Snoop Doggy Doggs dance. We can only presume she demanded this throughout the entirety of 2011, yet her expression is not of joy or acceptable, but of disapproving demand.

“Celestial Empire” is also a good introduction to Blingee’s snoopdance.gif rule. One of the iconic Blingee stamps, the 10-frame loop of rap icon Snoop Doggy Dogg dancing increases the quality of a given Blingee by its very inclusion. While there are exceptions, the more snoopdance.gif appears in a Blingee, the higher quality that Blingee will attain.

NOTE: While the Blingee artist is unknown, the original fan art is from leighanna

“qt marx crusadars”
by ixnay

The heartfelt heart that the Cutie Mark Crusaders gave to Cheerilee in the show was fine, but ixnay ups the ante by showing that their gift could’ve been so much better if only it was a) more sparkly and b) had snoopdance.gif. With this pointed criticism, this Blingee reminds us to always look for the best in our life and our work.

by Ragnar34

This piece, actually a clever combination of two Blingees, presents a simple narrative. In the first frame, Twilight is obviously terrified of a presence in the area which threatens her established normalcy; while aware of this threat, she is left with no option but to look on in fear. The second frame answers the questions set forth by the first, by showing that, in fact, the presence was Blingee, and the Blingee was coming from her own cutie mark.

Many people are left confused and angry upon initial viewing of IT’S ME, but thankfully the .gif loops endlessly until its true messages can be properly taken in.

“Pinkie Amuses Applejack with War Machines and Spiral Hearts While Snoop Dances On In Approval”
by Haywire4

Upon first glance, Haywire4’s work appears to be simple enough, easily taken in and understood. But it is included in this collection to represent one of the major issues in the Blingee artist community: it represents what could be called an “impure” Blingee. While not noticeable to all, this piece uses material that is not readily available as a stamp on the Blingee site; indeed, .gifs have been “transported” onto the Blingee image to further enhance the artistic message.

Much as many art movements, such as Dogme95, eventually break down into tedious accusations of purity, issues like these threaten to encapsulate and eventually destroy the Blingee collective. The Round Stable does not claim to have all the answers, but presents this image as a call for unity in the name of art.

“Chronic Illness”
by The great M

Prolific Blingee artist The great M shows that when it comes to Blingee, the only rule is there are no rules. Here, the snoopdance.gif rule is inverted; the Snoops are not the source of pleasure, but of pain and agony, expressed both in Rarity’s expression and her sparkly text scream.

The unusually high movement rate of these particular snoopdance.gifs add to the horror.

by Ragnar34

Ragnar34 takes the proposition presented above and brings it to its logical conclusion: if more snoopdogg.gif makes a Blingee better, then how can a pony entirely made out of snoopdance.gif be anything but the best? The use of space forces the eye upon the Snoopony, as it is left with nowhere else to go, and no options but to recognize its existence. This is a pony. Made on Blingee. With Snoop Doggy Dogg. And it exists.

Snoopony’s cutie mark is Santa, representing how this .gif is a .gift to us all.

Many top Blingee artists continue to look towards the future. Yet, it is impossible to say what the next frontier in Blingee/Pony art will be; the questions are too varied, the options too limitless. But on this April 1st, we encourage all the creatively minded to get on Blingee, break out the flashing hearts, and get to work. Oh, and feel free to show us

[Source: Blingee Artist Collective at the Ponygoons Forum]

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  1. I, for one, applaud the professionalism of The Round Stable in refusing to participate in the ridiculous nonsense that is the so-called “April Fool’s Day”. I greatly anticipate more timely and high quality articles like this one.

  2. Excellent article, one I’ll be bookmarking for a good time to come. Many look down upon the Art of the Blingee, but I for one cherish it in its vibrant and nuanced approach to decor. It is a celebration of our time and our generation – most poignantly symbolized by the ever-present Snoop Dogg, the poet of our time. It’s both a tribute to and an expression of freedom – a statement that within art there is no bounds, only self expression, unconfined by any guidelines or limitations set upon by some meaningless authority figure.

    Indeed, it seems as though we are only truly free through the art of self-expression – whether through typewriters, brushstrokes or Gangsta Bling Animation. Though we are lost – set astray in this mysterious, vast expanse known as they universe – we can truly find ourselves through this wonderful, enduring medium. I thank you, BartonFink, for bringing to attention an art form that is all too often overlooked.