» Hasbro’s “Design A My Little Pony Contest” Now on Facebook

As previously announced elsewhere, Hasbro recently announced a Design-Your-Own-Pony contest to be held on Facebook. Details, however, were scarce until earlier today, when the official Facebook app was launched. The contest winner, to be announced July 11, will not only get their design made into a pony (as previously mentioned), but will also be flown out to Comic-Con 2012 for the unveiling.

Winners will be decided on the following criteria:

  • Suitability for reproduction as an 18″ model (40%)
  • Creativity (40%)
  • Effective representation of the MY LITTLE PONY brand (20%)

The contest guidelines do note that the design will remain the property of Hasbro (so the winner won’t be getting the unveiled copy). Each of the up-to-three submissions per person must include an original photo or original drawing (not posted or uploaded elsewhere), a short description, and a title. Furthermore, artists should be aware that submissions to the contest will become the intellectual property of Hasbro.

For more information, check out the contest Facebook page. The contest ends 11:59 P.M. Eastern on May 16, 2012 or when 15,000 submissions are received, whichever comes first. So if you’re interested in throwing your design up to see if it works, you had best get cracking! 

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  1. I hope they’ll accept my entry, because the first time I submitted it without a picture, and so I submittied it again WITH a picture. Hope they’ll realize the first time was a fluke.

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