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Bronies for Good, the charity which raised almost USD$28,000 for the Children’s Cancer Association during their Smile! campaign for Christmas are holding another fundraiser in collaboration with musicians and artists from the fandom to release a second MLP album for donors.

The primary goal is to raise USD$10,000 for non-profit charity Your Siblings to build a medical clinic in Uganda and any donations past that goal will help fund construction of a Green Village in the tiny Republic of Burundi to house homeless children and refugees.

As with Smile!, donors will receive an exclusive music album especially composed for the event. Moreover, the most generous donors will receive unique hand-crafted gifts donated by artisans from the community.

Along with the brand new 41 track album composed by various community musicians, donors have a chance of being rewarded with extra prizes ranging from art commissions to pony plushies as well as games for various levels of donations.

You can donate right now by clicking here or discuss it further on our forums here 

[Source: Bronies for Good]

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