» New Brushables: Not Quite Here Yet

Yesterday on MLPArena an enterprising new member sweetsong100 shared a nice find—newly released brushable pony toys. K-Mart listed four new ponies – Trixie, Lyra, Cherry Berry, and Sunny Rays. As of now, the toys are still up for grabs on the K-Mart website, but it looks like the early enthusiasm might be premature.

Several of those who ordered had their orders cancelled, and the toys are now listed out of stock. Still, watching those listings for availability may prove useful for when they are more readily available. This also confirms the official names of Lyra and Trixie as now being Lyra Heartstrings and Trixie Lulamoon, which is interesting in and of itself. Both names were floated back in the fourth run of blind bags, but this is just another confirmation. The toys include a mini-DVD of Lesson Zero and the usual accessories. 

[Source: MLPArena]

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