» Hasbro Announces Comic Con Model Finalists

A while back we linked to a post on Facebook where you could submit your very own custom pony design to Hasbro to enter in to a contest. The winner of this contest will have their pony made into a special eighteen inch statue to be displayed at the Hasbro booth at the convention. Today the ten finalists have been announced, and you can find them all on My Little Pony’s facebook. The lucky winner will have their pony come to life as a display model at the annual comic convention. To vote or see the designs you must like My Little Pony on Facebook.

Note that this is not related to the annual Comic Con limited edition pony, which still has yet to be announced. However, rumor purports that it will be none other than Derpy. If/when there is confirmation, we’ll be sure to post it. 

[Source: My Little Pony Facebook]

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