» Monday Convention Notes

Over the past few days several of the up-and-coming conventions have had some big activity. Galacon, Equestria LA, and BUCK all had announcements to make as well as other notable events. You can find all of the info behind the cut.

Equestria LA Starting Registration, Announces Eurobeat Brony

Equestria LA has officially opened their doors to registration. The event will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center with an initial offering of 500 passes. In addition, Eurobeat Brony will be attending as a guest of honor at the California convention.

Galacon Releases Promo

Galacon, the German fan convention, has released a two-minute long animated promo by MrPoninator, one of their guests of honor.

BUCK Announces Documentary Participation

The Brony UK Convention (AKA BUCK) will be featured in the upcoming Bronycon Documentary spearheaded by John de Lancie and company. Thanks to the wildly successful funding of the documentary, the Europeans will be represented as well. The con has already sold out of its early bird and premium memberships, and only standard ones are left. 

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