Brony Thank-You Fund Announces Charity Drive

The Brony Thank-You Fund, better known as the organization spearheading the thank you commercial for the creators, is running a mini charity event today. If you donate $30 or more for Toys for Tots via the Thank You Fund by midnight eastern on June 13 (that’s today), you will receive a promotional poster by PixelKitties.

Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster by PixelKitties

This comes on the heels of the fund filing an application as a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization, which means all donations will be tax-deductible if the application is approved. This will include a retroactive deductible for those who already donated if the application is approved. This continues their efforts to expand their work for charitable causes in the wake of the project announcement. In addition, a rough cut of their commercial will premiere at Bronycon. For more information and how to donate, visit their site.

[Source: Brony Thank-You Fund]

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