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Summer Funimation Storyboard Contest

A while back we posted the beginning of the Summer Funimation Project, a collaboration to create a fan animated episode of the show.  They’re looking for storyboard artists, and like they did with the writing search, they’re looking for people to submit their work to join the team.

For more information on entering the contest, check below the cut.

BBB (Bit Bucket Brigade) presents:
The Summer Funimation Project (2012) Storyboarding Contest

The Internet fandom surrounding My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has shown itself to be increasingly creative, inclusive, surprising, and prolific.
A loose collective of Brony professionals and enthusiast from different corners of the fandom, calling themselves the Bit Bucket Brigade (BBB), are so inspired that they have decided to helm a MLP:FIM fan animation project calledSummer Funimation Project 2012 in the hopes to harness this creative energy between seasons.

The Screenwriting Contest phase of Summer Funimation is over. We’re up to our withers in screenplays that our fandom’s talented writers contributed, which were fantastic, so much so that we’re still deciding who to declare the winner.
We’re seriously impressed at the quality of the entries.

Now it’s the fandom’s artists turn to have their chance to shine!

Our animators need a reference point to work from, that’s where storyboarding comes in. Storyboards allow us to plan the animation process shot by shot and refine them from there. This will help us make changes as they appear before anyone starts animating, where applying corrections is much more difficult.

To give everyone a fair chance we’ve devised to open this contest to all and are looking for up to two potential storyboard artists to fill up our ever growing roster.

Important Information!

Note: This page is not from any script under consideration for this project.

Don’t submit if you can’t commit!

Flamingo1986 has provided us with some examples of how you might fill out the storyboard template.

The winners will be announced alongside the winners of the screenwriting competition at a tentative date.

Any questions can be directed to our tumblr

Or our /collab/  thread 

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