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If you’re the collecting type, there’s been some things going on in the realm of toys and collectibles in the past week. A highly anticipated toy set is due for release, as well as a few other odds and ends.┬áCheck out pics and info after the cut.

Collector’s Set Available for Preorder

The highly anticipated combo pack of several fan-favorite ponies is now available for preorder from Toys ‘R’ Us. Featuring Nightmare Moon and a distinctive set of packaging, the set includes Vinyl Scratch / DJ-PON3, Trixie, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Raindrops, and Lemon Tart. It’s estimated to ship in the middle of August.

Nightmare Moon Collector Set

Favorites Set Featuring Nightmare Moon

Enterplay Trading Cards Available for Preorder

Enterplay’s line of Friendship is Magic trading cards is ready to launch. Not a game, but traditional trading cards, the packs can include bonuses like stand-ups, tattoos, and foil cards in addition to the standard cards. You can order a set of five packs for $8.99, or a thirty pack box for $49.99. Equestria Daily has a running series on previews of individual cards, so if you are interested in particulars, check them out.

Toywiz Sells Individual Blind Bag Toys

If you like the little blind bag figurines but don’t like searching for number codes or just buying them, well, blind, you can now order individual figurines on Toywiz.com. There’s a wide variety, so if you’re looking for a particular pony to fill out your collection, you might have some luck. 

[Source: DerpyHooves News]

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