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Canterlot Gardens announced that Friendship is Magic show-runner Meghan McCarthy is joining the ranks of guests of honor. Meghan, writer of several key FiM episodes and now head writer, joins Lee Tockar, Tara Strong, and Cathy Weseluck as FiM-related guests at the Ohio convention.

In addition, non-FiM voice actress Jennifer Hale will be in attendance, joining the multi-show talent attending the con like D.C. Douglas and Andrew WK.

Lastly, Mane6 will have a playable demo and tournament for their game, Fighting is Magic. The team behind Camaraderie is Supernatural will also be in attendance as special guests. Our content partners, Everfree Radio, will cover the convention as well as have a live episode panel.

Canterlot Gardens will be held September 28-30 at the Strongsville, OH Holiday Inn. For the complete information, you can find the release behind the cut.

Canterlot Gardens Announces Meghan McCarthy, Friendship is Magic writer! Also Jennifer Hale, Mane 6: Fighting is Magic News, Camaraderie is Supernatural, and Everfree Radio.

Hello, ponies! We are able to announce today that Meghan McCarthy, writer for Friendship is Magic, and previously for Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends,will be at Canterlot Gardens for an autograph meet and greet, amongst other events. Meghan, writer of episodes such as Dragonshy, Party of One, Lesson Zero, and Green Isn’t Your Color will be joining our other guests this September – Make sure to watch http://www.canterlotgardens.com/ for upcoming schedule and entertainment announcements.

Also joining us on this amazing September weekend is the wonderful Jennifer Hale! Jennifer Hale, who was recently featured in the Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer’s Edition book, was awarded for having performed in more videogames than any other actor in history. Jennifer Hale, known for just about everything – But most recently as Femshep in the Mass Effect series, Leah in Diablo III, Phoenix in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Veronica in Regular Show, Tira in Soulcalibur IV, Samus Aran in Metroid Prime, Kimmy Howell and Alice Twilight from No More Heroes, and of course as Ms. Keane and Princess Morbucks on The Powerpuff Girls will be right here on the greens of Canterlot Gardens.

Update on Mane6 devteam’s game Fighting is Magic. We have been planning this for months now, but we are ready to release the monster on to the public – First off, as I’m sure everyone is already well aware, Mane6 will be doing a Fighting is Magic panel and Q&A at Canterlot Gardens. What you might not be aware of, though? The team will be bringing a hands on demo! That’s right, if you’re attending the Gardens this fall you will actually get a chance to play the game and give the team feedback. They’ll even be on hand to lay the hoof down on any challengers.

Furthermore, this will all conclude with a day-long fighting game tournament that will be featured on it’s own separate livestream in our gaming room. While we can’t give much detail on the tournament quite yet, or what games will be featured, what we can say is that Fighting is Magic will headline the tournament and be the main attraction of the event. So get your joysticks ready.

Make sure to check out Mane6’s website – Their recent bite-sized updates have been fabulous.

Speaking personally, one of the very first fan-made videos I ever saw in relation to Friendship is Magic was Camaraderie is Supernatural. It’s exciting to say that they will be at Canterlot Gardens! Camaraderie will be doing a panel, and other to-be-determined events and surprises, not to mention just being their generally awesome selves. If you haven’t seen their series yet, make sure to head on over to their youtube page.

Finally, Everfree Radio. While we already announced their attendance, we can also confirm that they will be at Canterlot Gardens to do their own panel which will feature their podcast – live! EFR will also be the primary My Little Pony media source of Canterlot Gardens. Check out their twitter.

That concludes this week’s announcements, but never fear – There is more on the way! Follow Canterlot Gardens @canterlotgrdns on twitter, and on Facebook.


[Source: Klisk Midori, Canterlot Gardens PR]

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