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Hello Everyone,

I am Dr.Dinosaur, Round Stable writer and coordinator for PONIES: The Anthology I & II.

When I started this project I was hoping that we might double the length of the fist one and end up with something about 40 minutes long.  After all was said and done the project clocked in at a whopping 82 minutes!  This definitely was the biggest project I have ever participated in, let alone been the head of.  Personally, I think the whole thing turned out pretty awesome!  Though I must say, The Anthology would not have turned out nearly as awesome if had I made it by myself.  Over 30 people contributed their time and talents to this project and I thank each and every one of them.  Each contribution was a small piece that I needed to fit this puzzle together and each piece was greatly appreciated.

Continue reading after the cut to watch PONIES: The Anthology II!

Before I link the video,  I would like to take this opportunity to provide special thanks to a few of the anthologists that went above and beyond what I asked them to do.

First, I`d like to thank ZephyrStar. He was my right hand man in this thing. It was ZephyrStar that assisted me every step of the way. It was him that did the digital labour to piece all of this together. He balanced the audio, collected the shorts on his machine, and got the thing rendered in time for Bronycon, all while making some spectacular shorts of his own.

Secondly, I would like to recognize Macchinainterna, my other assistant. When the end of the project was neigh it was Macchinainterna that helped me go through the shorts, make a list of the shorts in order, and watch and re-watch betas so we could rearrange the video to flow better.

I kept calling  jHaller my public relations officer.   Haller shouldered the responsibility of keeping in contact with all of the cons and assorted other people I needed to talk to in order to make stuff happen. It was great deal of work, many a headache, and constant running around.  I really appreciate his extra efforts.


I would also like to thank Party Grunt.  I had some crazy idea I wanted to work on and see happen.  Party Grunt adopted my idea and took it further than I ever thought it could go.  He poured so much effort into it, even when school kept piling on massive loads of work.  I am being purposefully vague because I want people to be surprised.  I think you, the viewer, can figure out which part it was.  (It`s the one right before the credits.)


Time for a cake!

Last but not least, I`d like to thank Devo.  Devo was put in charge of our charity drive.  This charity was created to honour Magnus, a fellow anthologist who passed away during production.  Devo has already done a ton of research and assorted other work for it and he will continue to work on it for the next two months.  Devo`s work means so much to me and to those that knew Magnus.  The second Anthology has a great deal of custom artwork. Starting shortly after Bronycon, we will be making posters and T-shirts out of the artwork to sell, with 100% of the profits going towards The Cancer Research Institute.

Please visit our tumbler to see more details, check out our merchandise, or make a donation!


PONIES: The Anthology II, is an epic in both its creation as well as its final product. I think I speak for every single one of us that worked on it when I say we hope you check it out and enjoy all of the hard work that went into it. Without further ad0, I present PONIES: The Anthology II. 

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  1. We put a lot of heart and soul into this video and the end result honestly moves me to tears. DrD thank you so much for getting me involved in both Anthologies. It’s been magnificent!

  2. It was an honor to be apart of the project. What some people pulled off in this video was nothing short of amazing and it was a pleasure to meet and work with everyone involved.

  3. Everyone who worked on this video is awesome and it was a great experience working alongside all of you. Thanks DrDino for inviting me to this project, and to everyone else on the project for being great collaborators.

  4. Dear Lord 2012: A Pony Odyssey was astonishing. I would watch the entire thing if it existed. It was amazingly well done.

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