» IDW Publishing/Hasbro Team Up for My Little Pony Comic Book Series

Andy Price Art

Ink Studies by Andy Price

Fresh info from a comic panel at San Diego Comic Con, it has been announced that IDW Publishing has gotten the rights to a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comic series.

Via Comics Alliance:

If you’re a member of the overlapping Venn Diagram of comic book readers and My Little Pony fans, then your prayers to Princess Celestia have been answered: During this morning’s panel at Comic-Con International, IDW and Hasbro announced a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic comic series by Katie Cook and Andy Price, set to launch this November.

For those wondering about the choice of artists, you can get a taste for them via their respective deviantArt pages: Andy Price and Katie Cook. Price, no stranger to comic art, released a panel page a few months back that was rather prescient. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it is in retrospect a pretty clear signal that he was working on something big.

Few details besides the expected date of November were announced, but the comic aims to keep the same spirit as the show, so fans of all ages should be able to enjoy the books. 

[Source: Comics Alliance]

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  1. Oh snap, I know what I’m going to my LCS to subscribe to! I fell out of reading comics a few years ago when DC decided crapping on their whole lineup with constant “HUGE EVENTS” was the thing to do.