» Hasbro Releases 2Q 2012 Financials, My Little Pony Helps Growth


Hasbro, everybody’s favorite parent company, had their second quarter 2012 financial results conference call today. The good news for Pony fans is that My Little Pony got a specific mention that it helped growth.

In the Girls Category, net revenues declined 13%. MY LITTLE PONY products continued to grow backed by television programming globally.

Less good is that revenues compared to Q2 2011 are down over a hundred million dollars, and that the girls’ category that MLP belongs to was down 16% in revenues compared to Q2 2011. However, entertainment and licensing revenues were well up compared to Q2 2011, earning over eight million dollars compared to $600,000 the year prior, benefitting greatly from television distribution globally.

Compared to Q1 2012, revenues and profits are well up. Q1 reported a 2.6 million net loss, while 2Q reports a $43.4 million net profit. Girls’ toys were up $11 million from $93.2 million to $104.2 million in revenue. How much of a change of this was due to ponies is unknown, as Hasbro does not break down the results beyond the girls, boys, and preschool categories. Strong Marvel action figure sales (due to the Avengers movie) helped offset declines in Transformers and other boys’ products.

To see the complete report, check out the Hasbro financial website

[Source: Hasbro Financial]

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