» Official Posters Available at Walmart

Found today in a Pennsylvania Walmart by community artist PixelKitties, the posters are stocked next to large displays of new pony toys. Much like the San Diego Comic Con poster of last year, these posters are big character collections, and in one case, a newly done map of Equestria. There are four posters available: The Season 2 Cast, Royal Wedding, Villains, and a map of Equestria. The posters are presumably first-come, first-serve till they’re gone.

You can find high-res copies behind the cut.

 Cast Poster

Royal Wedding


Map of Equestria 

[Source: @PixelKitties]

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    The villains poster is AWESOME! The wedding poster is cute, as well.

    And lastly, a movie that’s similar to last year’s comic-con one. I like them, I like them all!

  2. Fantastic find! But, how did you know these were found in PA? I couldn’t find anything to support that.

  3. Great looking artwork! I hope I can find them at the WalMarts down here soon. :)

    The artist who did the character posters Nayuki says he’s willing to answer any questions about them. Maybe The Round Stable can ask him a few. :)

    Nayuki (on Allspark forums): “Looks like the posters are generating a lot of discussion on the various fansites (not surprising). If they want to compile questions for me regarding the posters, I can probably do an informal Q&A about them (can’t answer much about the map though since I didn’t work on it) and obviously asking me questions about season 3 is off the table. So yeah, if EQD/Ponychan/DHN/etc want to make a list of questions, I’ll see what I can do about answering some of them soon.”