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Canterlot Gardens

Some double-duty con announcements today! Canterlot Gardens announced that Amy Keating Rogers, former writer for Friendship is Magic, will be attending the event. Rogers, writer of many FiM episodes, adds Canterlot Gardens as a midwest stop after Midwestria. In addition, the voice of Bender himself, John DiMaggio will be attending the event. All of the attending voice actors will participate in a table read of the episode Boast Busters, making for a unique style of ponies. Canterlot Gardens will be held at the Strongsville, OH Holiday Inn on Sep. 28-30.

Also, BronyCon is holding a contest to find their next original character mascot. All character designs should be submitted to  [email protected] and must follow the guidelines listed behind the cut. Winners will receive free admission to the next BronyCon and will receive the highest sponsorship level.

Canterlot Gardens

Canterlot Gardens! Our guest list shall expand! Announcing: Amy Keating Rogers, And John DiMaggio! Also: Raffle ticket announcement, Script Reading Panel, accepted artists, and more! Read below!

We are sure you’ll all be excited to know that Amy Keating Rogers, one of the fabulous writers from Friendship is Magic will be in attendance at Canterlot Gardens! She has actually been so enthusiastic and just itching for us to announce her so she could tell the world how much she is looking forward to our event, and that simply makes us even more thrilled. Thank you so much, Amy!

In addition to Amy, we also have the legendary John DiMaggio appearing right here at Canterlot Gardens! If you’re unfamiliar with his work, it’s only because you don’t know him by name. Voice of Bender on Futurama, Jake on Adventure Time, Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War series, Rico in The Penguins of Madagascar series, Shnitzel in Chowder, and a plethora of other series that we wouldn’t be able to even fit on this page, well, it’s certainly an honor to have him! We’re sure everyone at the event will be excited to meet him this September 28th-30th at Canterlot Gardens.

Finally, the script reading panel! So… Some of you have been wondering about our non-pony VA’s that we have in attendance, and what they are going to do at Canterlot Gardens. We can now let you in on the secret: Our guests John DiMaggio, D.C. Douglas, Tara Strong, Grey DeLisle, Jennifer Hale, Quinton Flynn, and Cristina Vee will be doing a special panel where they do a script reading of the episode Boast Busters. The spin of this panel is that they will be using their voices from other series and projects they have worked on! (Bender as Trixie, perhaps? Who knows what they have in store!) Check out this youtube link for an example of what a panel like this is all about.

We would also like to take this time announce an event that we have planned for Canterlot Gardens. During the convention you will be able to receive raffle tickets. The exact details about this will be announced in the very near future, however we can let you know what the winning raffle tickets will grant you access to: Those of you who obtain a winning raffle ticket will get the chance to have one of our VA’s leave a special audio message on your cellphone’s voicemail, or other recordable device. We’re extremely happy about this raffle being possible and can’t wait to hear the great voicemails that our guests set up for you guys, and we can only hope that you’re excited about this raffle as well! Please look forward to more specific details on this in the upcoming weeks.

Also, after having our team dig through the overwhelming amount of mail we received for artist alley slots, we have been officially booked since the middle of last month! However, to make it fair, we will be leaving the submission application open despite our deadline of August 1st. Any applications we receive after this point will be added to our waiting list, so if an artist by some chance cannot make it due to real life circumstances, we will be able to contact you and fill you in! That being said, we did our best to keep things fair in the application process, including considering submission priority. Hopefully everyone is happy to see the artists we will have in attendance this year!

Here is our list:

Pixelkitties, UC77, Willdrawforfood1, Toxic Mario, Sugar N’ Spires, Mandy & Ari, Amanda Su, Alexstrazsa’s Mousepads, Athena’s Wink, Bubblepop Artshoppe, Carousel Accessories, Christine Scullin & Joshua Arhar, Corey Mari, Corsairs Boutique, Oolahoolah, Semehammer, Structured Faces, Tea-ocracy Studios, OOAKrafts, Tridgeon, Tsitra360, Vinyl Vision, Zilford, and Sorenbrian.

Unfortunately, John Joseco is now unable to make it due to family problems. In the interest of his privacy, please do not prod, but everyone should go wish him good luck on twitter! #supportjj

Thank you to everyone that applied! As we prepare for next year’s Canterlot Gardens, we can assure you our artist’s room will be even bigger, so if you weren’t able to make it this year most definitely re-apply for our next event.

Just some reminders:

Volunteer applications are still being accepted!

Our Twitter, Facebook, and Forums are still awaiting your participation! Make sure to check them out! Say hello to our mascots Carnation and Grevillea! Our forums are currently being remodeled but should be back online very soon.

Keep well,

Canterlot Gardens

BronyCon OC Contest

BronyCon’s back with a bang, and we have an exciting announcement for all of you. We are looking for either one or a small group of original characters to represent our convention.  Your creation could represent us for years to come!  This community has created some awe-inspiring things, so we hope to see more of what we have come to expect from all of you!  There are only a few rules to follow: Your submissions must be equines (ponies, zebras, changelings), and we will not be accepting Alicorns.  While it is not required, we would also like submissions to be consistent with our new color scheme. The colors are as follows (with RGB / CMYK color codes for you artsy types out there!)

  1. Navy Blue – R0, G33, B 82 | C 100%, M 92%, Y 36%, K 38%
  2. Cyan – R 123, G 207, B 244 | C 46%, M 2%, Y 0%, K 0%
  3. Purple – R 87, G 51, B 141 | C 82%, M 97%, Y 5%, K 1%
  4. Pink – R 159, G36, B136 | C 42%, M 100%, Y 5%, K 0%
  5. White – R 255, G 255, B 255

You can even suggest a name with your submission!  Depending on the amount and quality of submissions we may even select winning submissions from more than one artist!  In addition to the obvious benefits of having something you made represent BronyCon you will also receive free admission to BronyCon 2013, and a free upgrade to our highest sponsorship level! Since our dates are not announced yet, this particular ticket will be transferable.  We may alter your design as need be to fit the theme and style of future conventions although we may work with the winning artist(s) in the future on this and we make no guarantee to use the winning submissions’ suggested name(s).  All submissions are the property of BronyCon (Lunar Solis Corp.) and may be used at our discretion for any present or future initiatives, including but not limited to: marketing, branding, logos, wordmarks, advertisements.

Please send all submissions to [email protected]. You have until Midnight EST on August 31st, 2012 to get your submission in. We will select a group of finalists quickly afterwards, and you, the community, will get to vote on BronyCon’s final OC.

We can’t wait to see your submissions!

BronyCon 2013

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  1. Bender as Trixie? I can see it now: “Bite my great and powerful ass!”

    I have always loved the script reads, they are so much fun.