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Today marks the beginning of the second major pony fan convention, this time on the opposite coast of the USA. Everfree Northwest has an impressive roster of guests—which includes us too! So what do we expect from the west coast’s first foray into convention trappings? You’ll just have to read more to find out.

Boeing, Starbucks… and Ponies?

With a guest list rivaling Bronycon’s, Everfree has certainly put up an event that pony fans will be happy to partake in. When Bronycon was gearing up, I wondered whether or not the con scene would be able to sustain itself, and that Bronycon would be a bellwether for future events. Given the absolute demand and constant expansion, Everfree has been bumping into limits (and breaking them) since its formulation earlier in the year.  Snagging Tabitha St. Germain was a veritable coup for the organizers, scoring a guest sorely missed from other events.

The air around Everfree feels a bit different from Bronycon as well. It’s a smaller event, with a smaller venue. There’s Bronycon veterans and newbies, and there isn’t the spotlight on it from the mainstream press, either. No documentary crews; just a decently organized get-together of like minded people. It’s a bit of a reset button, with the tertiary conventions to follow afterwards.

The pacific northwest prides itself on an image fueled by “we can do it.” After all, Seattle was home to the Incredibles. No, not the movie characters, but rather the crack team of engineers that built one of the world’s finest wonders, the Boeing 747. Seattle’s marketplace, Pike Place, is the birthplace of Starbuck’s coffee and a wide, varied place to buy almost anything one could want. After touring Seattle for a week, I started to see how Everfree so far had drawn its inspiration from its home. A feel-good vibe exudes from the area, and it’s quite infectious.

I’m still a bit bearish on the sustainability of the whole con scene, and my gut feeling is that Everfree will probably be one of the ones to survive the eventual consolidation or contraction of that scene. But that won’t stop this year’s attendees from enjoying the ride, and the fact that this show managed to spawn multiple gatherings across countries still baffles me a bit. Flash in the pan? Maybe. But the sheer enthusiasm surrounding these events is tough to write off.

You’ll find The Round Stable will be in attendance as community guests, and we’re ready to give you an insider’s look at the west coast’s first stab at a convention. If you’re there, we look forward to meeting you. 

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