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A recent Tweet by Amy Keating Rogers has strongly hinted at a new addition to the writing team of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic for upcoming episodes. The tweet lists Corey Powell as a possible writer, she has worked on shows including Growing Up Creepie and The Land Before Time.

@msinter @stephaniesheh Tomorrow’s Care Bears is “Holiday Hics” by Corey Powell. #bronies you’ll know her name soon!youtube.com/watch?v=BufZki…

— Amy Keating Rogers (@KeatingRogers) August 17, 2012

While we try to avoid speculation this news is a very strong implication that we cannot confirm until an episode is written with Corey Powell credited.

Amy wrote 11 FIM episodes before leaving the show to become story editor for Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot where Corey is currently writing. In the past Natasha Levinger was also rumored as a new addition to the writing staff for future FIM episodes after Season Three. 

[Source: Amy Keating Rogers via Twitter]

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  1. I’ve been saying there’s a “Mystery Writer X” for months, and that it’d be a female, and she’d have a Fullerton writing style, since the show has lost it’s softer touch. A few months ago I tweeted M.A. Larson, asking him who the writers were now, and he said he didn’t want to get anyone “brony bombed” like Natasha was, and it wasn’t his place to reveal anyone identity. Now if he was talking about someone we already knew, like if Savino was coming back, there’d be no reason to protect his/her identity, but because he wanted to keep it secret, obviously this was someone new to us. Plus now we have Will Anderson teasing us with a 26 episode 4th season, so you had to figured they’d be building the writing staff back up. If no one leaves, the writing staff for season 4 is Larson, Levinger, Polsky, Williams, and Powell.

    • Your information is outdated Williams left the show for Adventure Time. Your also forgetting Cindy Morrow who I’m pretty sure is still working on the show and being a past writer I’m pretty sure McCarthy will be writing episodes as well in addition to be the script editor. I found an old post I made about a deleted EQD article regarding the writers which stated: Meghan McCarthy, Cindy Morrow, M. A. Larson, Dave Polsky were all still writers.

  2. Oh wow, I just looked at her record and… wow. Ok, Ni Hao Kai Lin and maybe Land Before Time look decent but the rest of her stuff… eh, not that impressed. I mean, Natasha Levinger wrote ONE piece of work and somehow she got into the writing staff.

    Then again!… it’s good for the next generation of writers, working on a very popular show with other already exceptional writers and writing for really interesting characters and worlds. The new writers must be very lucky to work on it (im sure a lot of FanFic writers, myself included, would kill to write for it).