» PONIES: the Anthology II announces Charity Drive!

You guys remember PONIES: the Anthology 2, right? Me too! And if you like it half as much as I do then you should check out the brand new Poster Store and the updated T-shirt Store. All the sales go to Cancer Research, and the first 50 poster orders get a special gift from Project Coordinator DrDinosaur. New T-Shirts include Beep Dog and NO CELESTIA ON THE STAIRS, and the new Poster store includes an equally large but different variiety to choose from, such as The Trotting Dead, Sonic Rainboom, and Friendship is GAR posters in addition to the main Anthology 2 logos. Posters are printed on 11″x17″ gloss paper, and there is a special deal to save $4 when you buy 4 posters together. For more info, check out the Press Release Below.

Hello everyone!

We, the members of PONIES: The Anthology II, have an important announcement to make! First, we would like to thank everyone that watched and enjoyed our contribution to this fandom. We are still reeling from the overwhelming amount of positive feedback PONIES has gotten since we released it back in July. Secondly, and more importantly, we are extremely excited to announce that our charity website is up and running. It took a few extra weeks but we think it was worth it. We have some great posters and t-shirts featuring some of the art that was seen in PONIES: The Anthology II. Do you want to know the best part? All profits from every sale go to charity! Specifically it goes to http://www.cancerresearch.org/.

You may be wondering why we are running a charity in the first place. During the production of Anthology II one of our members, Zetzu, passed away due to cancer. It affected us greatly, and we thought that the best way to honour his memory is to donate a bunch of money to cancer research in his honour. Not only have we provided some great swag for you guys, but we are also able to help out
a great cause.

We ask that if you enjoyed PONIES: The Anthology II please look at what we are offering and buy something you like! We want to get a great big donation to help the fight against cancer and honour our friend. We also want to thank all of you that watched and commented on our project, and we look forward to what the community comes up with in the future. 

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  1. I highly recommend supporting the Anthology team and their charity. Not only do the posters and shirts look great, but they’re open to suggestions for more designs as well. I only had to ask for some “Celestia Goes To The Store”-themed product on the forums; lo and behold, there was both a shirt and a poster available within a few weeks!