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March of the Ponies

Next weekend, Midwestria will bow upon the greater Chicago area. Spanning the three days of the fourteenth through sixteenth, Midwestria has flown under the radar somewhat, but the organizers and the convention are still chugging along.

In addition to the already announced show guests of M.A. Larson, Amy Keating Rogers, and Charlotte Fullerton (all writers, interestingly enough), the crew are pleased to announce a large fan musician contingent, including EurobeatOdyssey, TAPS, Chain Algorithm, BluNoseReindeer, Cyril the Wolf, and Seventh Element. All will be performing at the con and will be helping to promote Midwestria’s promo album, Ponies on Parade.

We’d also like to note that The Round Stable will be in attendance, via one of our contributors, Haller. Expect post-con coverage and more to grace our front page.

For the complete detail of pre-show announcements, check behind the cut.

Our staff have been so busy here at Midwestria getting ready for the exciting weekend to bring the best experience to you! We’re also very excited with another round of updates we wish to share concerning new guests and information about the convention!

Before we get into the fun stuff, we want to let everyone know our wonderful staff here at Midwestria are here to answer any of your questions and concerns before con time. We are answering a lot of our questions mainly via our Forums (also a great place to coordinate stuff with friends!) but we will also answer other minor things via our Twitter and Facebook so be sure to give us a follow and like there too! Any other big questions concerning press, registration, and other such business, please direct an e-mail to the appropriate department: http://midwestria.org/contact.html

Alongside our current guests we are proud to have at Midwestria: Amy Keating Rogers, Charlotte Fullerton, M.A Larson, celebrity super fan Mike Holman, Budding Friendships, Adventures of the Luna r Bolts, Exploding Heart Technique (EHT), and Odyssey Music (Eurobeat Brony), Midwestira is proud to welcome…

Community musicians TAPS, Chain Algorithm, BluNoseReindeer, Cyril the Wolf, and Seventh Element!

Our lineup of community musicians have a lot in store including performances and a panel! You can catch them performing during the two informal dances Friday and Saturday! Have your glow sticks ready!

Even more exciting is these spectacular artists (and other community musicians) have dedicated tracks to a special album brought to you by Midwestria entitled Ponies on Parade! Help support the artists by picking up the album off Bandcamp for only 7 dollars here: http://midwestria.bandcamp.com/

We have a lot of great special events and panels lined up for Midwestria and we have a little more to share on a few since last press release.

Our Grand Galloping Gala has ballroom dancing lessons (and other tips!) before the main event for those wishing to learn some moves! Classical and swing is being planned on the itinerary (subject to change). Be sure to bring your fancy clothes as formal attire is required.

Midwestria also has a karaoke event happening entitled “Midwestria’s Got Talent.” Keep your eyes peeled for the information on our pages when we release it soon!

Also check out coverage from Chicago news sources as we were recently covered by RedEye Chicago!

RedEye Chicago Coverage

We have a limited number of rooms left for the weekend. So, if you plan on staying at the hotel, make sure you reserve your room soon! Reservation information can be found and done online here.

Pre-Registration is only $40 and will be open until September 7th this Friday (hurry and register for the 3 days!). After Friday it goes up 5 dollars. We don’t have an attendance cap so keep those registrations coming in!

Looking for more information on all the goodies we’ve got? Be sure to check out our website and social networking sites! We hope to see you there! 

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