» Amazon to Sell Season 1 Box Set from December 4 (UPDATED)

It’s finally coming…

Exciting news fellow pony fans! IRC user Chronos30 just pointed us at an exclusive product on Amazon.com: a full Season 1 boxset of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic in DVD region 1. Fans have been waiting for such a product for quite some time (ever since the first DVD was announced late last year), and with the box sets in other countries, many fans have been disappointed that there had been no announcement of a similar set in America and Canada up until now. So it is very good news to see that such a set is now on the horizon!  The box set will retail for $34.99, although Amazon currently lists it for 30% off at $24.49.

UPDATE: An initial version of this story incorrectly announced the date as December 7th.  The correct date is December 4th.  Information about pricing has been added as well.  In addition, although not listed on the Amazon listing, Equestria Daily reports that the box set will include audio commentary among its bonus features.  Finally, a follow-up question to the Shout! Factory Twitter account reports that no Blu-Ray release of Season 1 is planned at this time. 

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  1. Boxset coming out might be real (hoping it is) but that boxart is obviously not. Outdated vectors and the fan-made Celestia Medium font where it would make more sense to use the Generation B one. I expect the actual boxart will be a little more special.

    • Eh, that remains to be seen. And I’m not sure that’s Celestia Medium, although our resident font-geek KefkaFloyd would probably know for sure.