BronyCon OC Contest Voting Begins

Mentioned some time ago, the BronyCon folks held an open contest for their mascot character. The contest has drawn to a close, and they’re asking for the general public to vote on their original character. The voting is held over at their website, and it closes on September 26. For complete details on the finalists, check behind the cut.

Hello everyone! Our OC contest from last month has finally come to a close. We’ve gone through all of your submissions and picked out the best of the best, and now we’re turning the final decision over to the community. That’s right, the time for you guys to have your say has come.

After some hard decisions and an arduous four-hour staff meeting, we’ve managed to whittle the 40 fantastic entries we received down to a field of six stellar finalists. Thank you to everyone who submitted an OC, and congratulations to those of you who made it this far! Our finalists are:

So, here’s how the voting works. You guys all have until midnight Eastern Time on Wednesday, September 26th to rush on over to, view the finalists, and vote for your favorite. Each entry is numbered, and under each number, you can view the designer’s original work and description, as well as a reimagining from our very own best security pony Hobbes. Remember, this is a contest about the characters, not the art style, so vote for the one you think represents BronyCon the best.

Your vote counts! So get on over there, check them all out, and pick your favorite. We’ll reveal which pony will represent us for years to come on Friday, September 28th!

BronyCon 2013

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