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Las Pegasus Unicon

Large conventions springing up out of nowhere isn’t unfamiliar territory to the Friendship is Magic fandom, and another one has sprouted up. This time, it’s in the desert reaches of Nevada. Las Pegasus Unicon in Las Vegas, NV is opening its doors on February 22-24 in 2013, and they’ve already got two Friendship is Magic show guests lined up. Tara Strong and Amy Keating Rogers will head to the city of neon lights to anchor the guest list. Also, according to their home page, Daniel Ingram is also scheduled to attend. The convention will be held at the Riviera hotel. A full three day pass seem a bit spendy at $85 if you pay at the door, but pre-registers can pay $51 before the end of September. If you live in the Southwestern US it may be your first crack at a pony convention. For more information from the official release, check behind the cut.

Welcome Wagon Ready For Bronies in Las Vegas

Las Pegasus Unicon: February 22-24, 2013

At long last, the convention capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada will be playing host to a true Brony MLP:FIM Convention. Currently with over 18,000 square feet secured, Unicon will have venders selling wares, artists displaying their crafts, and discussion panels with celebrities from the show and fandom. As of this release date (9/9/12) Amy Keating Rogers, Tara Strong, and James “Coder Brony” Turner have all agreed to join us, while many others have been invited and expressed interest, details are still developing. There will be an exclusive private celebrity dinner on Saturday night (space will be limited). Check out our website to learn more about our tickets, special guests, private events, games, prizes and so much more. Looking forward to seeing every-pony there.

For updated details, ticket sales, and information on vending visit our website at:


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    • Hi. I am so sorry that you do not like the logo, it is designed after the Welcome to Las Vegas sign that is so famous. If you have an other idea, we are certainly open to your thoughts. We have asked many artists to contribute logos and mascots for the convention. Please feel free to email us your ideas and any artwork that you would like included in the website. I hope you are able to join us in Feb. By the way, the article above does have the wrong price. It is $51 for a 3 day pass full of pony fun.

    • Hi There. Thanks for your thoughts on the Logo. We tries to design it after the Welcome to Las Vegas sign that is so famous around these parts. It should prove to be a wonderful event. I do hope you will be able to join us, by the way, the price listed in the article about is not correct. The full weekend pass is only $51 for all the pony fun. If you have any questions please feel free to email them to us via the website. We are happy to help. Have a pony-filled day!!!!

      • Sorry for the couple of typos in my response. It has been a very long day! LOL I will try to do better with future emails and responses. Thanks