Fan Documentary, The Brony Chronicles, Gears Up

SaberSpark and Paleo, hosts of the show Brony Breakdown, are producing a fan-made documentary, The Brony Chronicles. It will consist mostly of interviews with notable fans. This past weekend, they released a promotional trailer and a Q&A at the Brony Fan Fair event. The documentary will feature interviews with two Round Stable editors, Shiropoint and KefkaFloyd. For a complete release, check behind the cut.

The Brony Chronicles is a completely fan-made documentary headed by Saberspark and Paleo that will be presented on Everfree Radio once complete. We’ve traveled to Bronycon, Everfree Northwest, and soon we’ll be going to Canterlot Gardens for our last round of filming interviews with notable people in the community.
This past weekend, I was able to go to Brony Fan Fair in Austin, TX and I’m very grateful that they had me as a guest and allowed me to host a Q&A panel about the documentary. I also showed a short promo video for the project and reaction was better than I expected. It seems like people are very excited about it! People were cheering at seeing the interviewees and everything, it was awesome!
This is the promo video for the project that was shown at Brony Fan Fair:
This is the recorded Q&A panel I hosted for the documentary:
We hope to have your continued support in this project and again, I’d like to thank all of the donors and the people cheering us on. We’re hoping to make this documentary one of the biggest and best collaborative projects the fandom has ever put out.

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