» Hey Ocean’s World Tour Kickstarter Heating Up

Hey Ocean!

Ashleigh Ball, the actress behind Applejack and Rainbow Dash, is also the frontwoman and singer for Canadian rock group Hey Ocean. Until now, they’ve been touring their native land of Canada. Not content to stay confined to the Great White North, the band is looking to expand their venue list. Their group is currently running a Kickstarter for their world tour that is, of this writing about four thousand dollars short of its goal.

Their rewards list is certainly interesting, if you decide to pony up cash. For $250, you can get a lesson from one of the band’s members. For more cash, you can hang out backstage. For a thousand wing-wangs, you can score a cover performance of a song by the whole band. Two thousand dollars will bag you a painted and autographed guitar delivered to your house. Four thousand dollars buys you your own personal concert at your home. If you’ve got really deep pockets, you could drop seven large and have a personal tour around Vancouver, British Columbia with the entire band, as well as a home cooked (!) meal and personal concert.

If you’re a fan of Ashleigh, it could be your opportunity to help support her band as well as enjoy some unique rewards. 

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  1. Wow… I’ll always be surprised that there are people who are willing to spend over a thousand dollars. Personally, I probably wont ever spend anything beyond 300 dollars (that would have to be something REAL worth the price…).

    I’m glad Ashleigh Ball and her crew aren’t really using MLP to get support (i.e. they didn’t say: “Hi, I’m Ashleigh Ball. You might’ve heard of me. I play a few small characters on some show no one knows about… just APPLEJACK AND RAINBOW DASH!”.)

    I mean, they are offering a Pegasus t-shirt (of which I will donate 30$ to) but it doesn’t come off as she forcing MLP on us.

    • Likely she is restricted in how she can use trademarked characters and property to promote herself. Plus, she doesn’t want to appeal just to pony fans, but all her fans.