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Trouble game featuring My Little Pony

Throbulator on the forums posted an interesting find: A My Little Pony version of Hasbro (née Milton Bradley) classic board game Trouble. Originally spotted on Chinese online marketplace TaoBao, the game is a rebranding of pop-em dice game Trouble, featuring a pony style board and matching colored game pegs. If this looks a little familiar to you, that’s because it’s not the first go-around for a pony styled version of Trouble. There was one done for Generation Three, and this looks to be an update to stay current with the newest generation of characters.

Hasbro isn’t just a plain-jane toy company—they own two of the largest, most popular board game publishers in the United States. Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers were both absorbed by the company in the eighties and nineties, greatly expanding their portfolio of board game properties.

While this particular game was low-hanging fruit, hopefully this will bode well for more Hasbro property cross-licensing for My Little Pony. Board games are fairly cheap to rebrand and produce, especially in limited editions that collectors will pick up, like Monopoly. With Friendship is Magic’s key aim of being both parent and child friendly—and Hasbro’s push with their Family Game Night theme—expanding their board game properties to include their more play-based franchises looks like a smart business move.

For more photos of the box, check behind the cut.

My Little Pony Trouble Box Back

My Little Pony Trouble Instructions

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