» Hub Restarting Pony Hype Machine, S3 Premiere Date “Soon”

Today on the Hub’s twitter account, they let loose that their announcement of the season three premiere date will be within thirty days. While it isn’t any actual information to mark on a calendar, it does get us closer to knowing when to expect our hit of :ponydrugs:.

At the New York Comic Con, there will be a My Little Pony panel hosted by our benevolent overlords at Hasbro and the Hub on October 11 at 6:15 PM eastern time. Given that this is within the thirty day window, it’s highly likely that season three’s premiere date will be announced at that panel.

The worst case date (for viewers, as opposed to Hasbro’s desire for money) would be a season 3 premiere date in early December. The next stand-alone DVD (which contains season three episodes, so don’t click that link if you want to avoid minor spoilers) is due for release on December 4.

Our completely uninformed guess for a premiere date would probably be sometime in November. The seventeenth sounds good, as it gives ample time for replays of episodes that would be on that DVD, just in time for holiday sales. Of course, an earlier date is always preferred, but at this point no one is quite sure what will go down.¬†When we get a more concrete date, we will of course let you know. 

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