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Judging by your episodes and how they work you seem to have a fairly strong personal vision for how the show should kind of go, or should be. Say if you were the director of the show do you think you would put more continuity? Less continuity? How would you change it? Pop culture references, more humour, more emotional situations? How do you think it would change if you were under the helm?

I don’t know. I really don’t know. I think Lauren has set up such a beautiful system, there’s a mix of adventure episodes and slice of life episodes, I prefer those, I like the smaller sitcom style episodes but I wrote some of the bigger ones and I like those too. The comedy is fun, they let us do the kind of comedy you wouldn’t expect on My Little Pony… I don’t know if I’d change anything, I think it’s great. There would be more Applejack episodes.

Okay, that’s fair enough because the joke right now is that shes the best background pony.

No, no. she’s just modest.

There’s a poster of season two and they have all the characters all over this poster and the main characters are kind of up front and applejack is in the background.

You’re kidding.

No I’m not.

Alright who did that, who designed that? Was that Hasbro?

I don’t know, I don’t know if it was Hasbro or what because these posters are being sold in Walmart. That’s where the joke kind of originated right there.

Oh no, That’s so sad. She’s modest, she doesn’t flaunt it like Rarity does.

Season 2 Cast Poster

So when you are writing your episodes there are a lot of ideas you have that don’t make it in. Are there any particular amusing examples that you can mention that didn’t make it into the show that you wish had made it in?

Those questions are really hard to answer because there’s no really distinct this is now cut kind of thing. Either we’re in a meeting and there’s ideas floating around and you don’t even notice that it went away and then you’re kind of like oh that was a really good idea but it doesn’t work.


The most obvious one I can think of is there was a scene in Luna Eclipsed where there’s a rarity scene, she’s not in the episode but she’s in the script. There’s a scene after the scene with Fluttershy where Twilight takes Luna to Rarity’s and try to give her a Princess Makeover so she’s a little softer and they actually dye her fur, make her pink. It was a really funny scene but when I was watching the episode I was thinking “that’s such a good cut”  because it didn’t add to the story, they couldn’t have fitted it in, they had to cut something big so they just cut that entire scene and I thought it was a great cut, it was funny but you just didn’t need it. And actually after that episode I got put on a strict page limit of 30 pages, Lauren told me that Studio B said that my scripts had to be 30 pages, I guess I was putting too much stuff in them.

This will be the last question, is there any projects you are working on that you’d like to promote right now, outside of Pony?

I wrote a book. Which I think is perfect for bronies, the target audience is girls 7-10 [laughs] But it’s the same kind of thing, I guess you’d say fantasy but it’s got a lot of the same elements as My Little Pony so I’m not entirely joking. It’s about a core group of girls and the values of the book are the same as the show and I also sold the movie rights to it so I’m going to be writing the screenplay for that too and we’ve got Reese Witherspoon on as the producer.

So you are already moving along with that, great.


Well that is all we have for you, thank you again for joining us, if you want to come to The Round Stable for more content like this, thank you very much.

Thanks to all you guys.

[Editors Note: MA Larsons book is called Pennyroyal’s Princess Boot Camp, from Putnams Children’s] 

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  1. Nice interview. I guess i have to watch a marathon of a show to grasp cartoon writing :P

    Im really happy to hear him (From what i’ve heard, a Rainbow Dash fan) say: Applejack needs more episodes