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Our friends over at Bronies for Good have announced the premiere of their latest album, Seeds of Kindness 2: Faithful and Strong. Earlier we posted their requests for reward gifts and prizes, and tomorrow their album premieres live across several pony fan livestreams. You can listen to the live premiere at 11 AM eastern time. For more details on the progress of their charity and the album, check behind the cut.

Love and generosity are concepts that have the potential to transform the world. One need not look further than the original Seeds of Kindness project to see what we as a united community have been able to do when we direct such concepts to the betterment of our brothers and sisters the world over.

Since there’s no reason to ever halt such enriching practices, let’s cultivate those initial Seeds of Kindness into strong and beautiful plants of altruism!

Terrific agrarian puns aside, it is our great pleasure to announce the launch of the second phase of our Seeds of Kindness Project: Seeds of Kindness 2: Faithful and Strong! On Sunday September 23rd, a link to donate will be released, and the full album will be streamed on Everfree, Fillydelphia, Celestia and Everypony Radio at 11 a.m PST. Every donor will get to download the complete album, and all proceeds will go in their entirety to the Safe Project, an orphanage in Uganda that will become financially independent through the establishment of a chicken farm.

Moreover, the most generous donors by December 25th will receive unique hand-crafted Christmas gifts donated by artists from the community. You can find the full list of prizes HERE.

As this marks the end of the first iteration of Seeds of Kindness, it is time to do a report on what you all accomplished.  All in all, counting the various gaming streams and the Galacon auctions, over €47,000 ($60,000) have been raised! An orphanage is Tanzania is about to be expanded with a poultry farm to guarantee its sustenance. The Green Village for street children in Burundi is now being expanded as we speak, and we just received these fresh pictures only a couple days ago:

Clinic Progress

Last but not least, the clinic in Uganda is now in its final stages, and we are waiting for pictures of it fully equipped very soon. In the mean time, in case you missed it, this heartwarming open letter to the pony fan community from Lisa Wiese, founder of Your Siblings, also includes video footage from the completed building:

Now, let’s go do some good in the world!

How to Donate

To donate to our Seeds of Kindness 2 fundraiser in support of the Safe Project, an orphanage in Uganda, just visit our fundraiser page on Betterplace and follow the instructions there. All donations will get to the projects in full. The page is in euro, but you can donate dollars or any other currency, and it will automatically be converted. If you are not sure how much a euro is in your local currency, you can find a currency converter here.

If you cannot donate by direct debit, Visa, or Mastercard, you can always use Paypal as a guest, with no additional fees and without having to register a Paypal account. Just fill in your name and email address, click on “Donate Now,” then “Don’t have a Paypal account.”

No matter how much you donate, you’ll always get as an irreplaceable gift from My Little Remix and dozens of musicians a brand new album packed with 36 exclusive songs.

Moreover, we also have prizes for the most generous among you. The top donors will be allowed to choose from a whole list of amazing thank-yous.


Instructions for Large Donations

If you are planning on donating over €75 ($100) (or over €37 ($50) for Steam/iPad users), you may be eligible for one of our prizes. Only in that case, please kindly follow these instructions, so we can ascertain that it is you who has contributed so much. These are different options; pick whichever suits you best. In every case, however, you have to leave the amount of your donation public, even though Betterplace provides an option to hide it. In every case, if you are interested in Steam games or iPad readers, please say so in your comment, with at least five games classed by order of preference!

In every case, if you want to receive a gift, then please email us at [email protected], and make the subject of your mail starting with [SOK].

  • If you donate using PayPal you will be sent a receipt to your e-mail address which is tied to your PayPal account. You can forward us this receipt as your proof of donation.
  • After donating, you can write a comment for your donation. There you can simply enter your email address—masked if you like (e.g., “hagbard at leifericson dot is”)—but these comments are public, and even we can’t change or delete them.
  • You can register a free email account somewhere which you only use for the fundraiser and later cancel.
  • You can email us about a day before making the donation, saying what amount you are going to donate and what your comment will be.
  • You can—and this is my favorite—use a service such as this one or this one and enter a reasonably complex passphrase. (Watch your spaces; every character counts!) You’ll be presented with its SHA256 hash, which you can submit as comment for your donation. Then you need to email us your passphrase, so we can verify your identity.

Love and Solidarity,

The Bronies for Good Team.

You can learn more about our non-profit partner Your Siblings, in their FAQ—it’s a good read. Sustainability, transparency, local roots, need, and urgency are their primary criteria, ensuring that they only support the projects with the strongest long-term impact. Moreover, their policy is to cover all travel and personal costs as well as money transfer fees independently from donations, so that 100% of what you give will be spent exclusively on the projects. 

[Source: Bronies for Good]

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