» Interview: Amy Keating Rogers at Midwestria

Now you’ve already talked with your work with Fosters and the Powerpuff Girls and both of those jobs had you working with Lauren as a writer as well, when you were coming on board with My Little Pony where she was the director of the project did that have any significant change on your working relationship with her?

I was lucky I got to go hang out with a friend at story meetings and we have a nice working relationship, we’ve known each other for years. In animation you just end up working on shows with different people and sometimes this persons a story editor and you’re freelancing and it can all switch around. That’s just the nature of it, you’re happy to be working with friends and that they want to work with you.

So that’s the nature of your business basically?


Everyone knows everyone in a way?


So as evidenced last night at karaoke you have a wonderful singing voice…

Thank you.

And you are also doing a fan collaboration with Mic the Microphone and David-O for the Bronycon documentary. Might this be something that you are willing to do other collaborations in the future with other people in the fandom or is more of a one time thing?

This is kind of a special situation, John de Lancie called me and asked me if do this and I was honored that he asked me. And John’s involved, Tara [Strong] is involved, Lauren is involved with the documentary so it was a very special situation.

This’ll be the last one, are there any other projects that you are working on that you’d like to discuss or would like to promote at this time?

So many of the things that I’m working on are things that I’m waiting to hear that they are going to go though, so I can’t really talk about them because of that which is a drag. I story edited the first season of Carebears so I would love for people to watch that because it’s a very good show, it’s also on The HUB so it’s conveniently located to My Little Pony, I think it’s often comes before My Little Pony episodes so I often watch some Bears and then watch some Ponies and learn about more kindness.

That’s all that we have here, thank you very much Amy for taking the time to speak to us, you can catch more content at The Round Stable.

Thank you! 

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