» Chilling in Chicago: The Midwestria 2012 Con Report

Final Thoughts

Midwestria in a lot of ways was one of the more unique cons that I have experienced and part of what made this con memorable for me was a different role of trying to get interview with the guests. By all rights, this weekend was work for me, but the experience was so new that it barely felt like it. This whole experience in a lot of ways was a team effort, not only from the con staffs end, but also with what me and my friends were able to do while there with the interviews. In a fashion that is not at all surprising considering the show we were at this convention for, I can easily say that without the help of Nirvash, Adelor, Lex and Lucky Chance that I would have come nowhere close to what I was able to do and they all deserve special thanks for contributing.

In hindsight, it’s shocking how much of a turnabout of opinion I had from the beginning to the end. I expected everything to be disorganized, and for the overall experience to not be as fun as the other conventions I had been to. This con was thought to be set up for failure and considering the situation the staff faced with most of them not showing up, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if it had failed. But through what can only be explained as true dedication to putting on a fun convention, everyone involved came together and did just that. By the end, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it had some of most well run panels and events that I had seen. The fact that this happened with only a quarter of the original expected staff is also by itself a huge success and everyone who worked there should be very proud of what they accomplished.

Now there is no perfect con and I wanted to go through the things that could be improved upon for possible future conventions. The problem however, is that the biggest flaw we saw with the convention was that some of the panels we attended did not start on time. This also happened with the concert on Saturday though this was due to technical difficulties and I’m unsure if there was anything that could have been knowingly done to prevent it. But other than that, the only complaints we had were minor things that were taken care of in a timely manner, for example, the con badges being delayed by a half hour. Not ideal, but certainly not something that was a deal breaker. It’s safe to say that other attendees had their own issues here or there, but we could find nothing major to complain about which is very rare in my experience.

I also have to give a huge thanks to everyone else involved with the guests and con staff who helped make this con experience as memorable as it was. This list includes Justin Chappelle, M.A. Larson, Amy Keating Rogers, Charlotte Fullerton, Trevor who was Amy and Charlotte’s handler, the people running karaoke, the people in con ops who gave us technical equipment when we needed it, and hell, every person on staff should just get a huge thanks for their efforts.

The question of whether or not Midwestria will be back next year is still up in the air, but I can easily say that if this same group of people are able to put together another convention next year, I will among the first people to sign up to go. And here’s hoping that anyone reading this who can make the trip decides to as well. 

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