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Our friends over at Bronies For Good have some good news, everyone. They’ve hit the €11,000 donation milestone, and have this PMV by Jake Whyman of Sprocket Doggingsworth’s Stand Up Tall from the Faithful and Strong charity album in celebration! They’re on the way to the €24,000 goal, and more contributions means more rewards.

In addition, there’s a new prize for the most generous donors, and that’s autographed cards and paintings by the Swedish dub voice for Spitfire, Anneli Heed. So if you want them, you’ll have to contribute more.

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Seeds of Kindness 2: Milestone and PMV

The Seeds of Kindness 2 fundraiser for the Safe Project, the orphanage in Uganda, has hit a major milestone: €11,000! An odd number, isn’t it? The reason is that we’re not so much celebrating the number than what can be built with it: The roof for the chicken farm building!

To celebrate this milestone and say thank you to the donors, we present the above PMV by Jake Whyman for Sprocket Doggingsworth’s inspirational song Stand Up Tall from the Faithful and Strong charity album that every Seeds of Kindness donor receives as a thank-you gift!

Moreover we can announce that our prize pool for the top donors—already loaded with plushie and art commissions, signed memorabilia, and much more—has been augmented with a signed photograph contributed by Anneli Heed, the famous Swedish VA for Spitfire. She’s already donating signed autograph cards and signed paintings. If you donate before December 25th and your donation puts you among the most generous supporters, you can choose one of these as your Christmas gift!

Now let’s go raise that last €13,000 for the rest of the Chicken Farm and Orphanage.

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