» French Fast Food Chain Quick Introduces New Pony Toys

New Pony Toys from French fast food chain Quick

It’s good news for French pony fans—they will have something special courtesy of French fast food eatery Quick. According to the French Brony forum, a new set of pony toys will be distributed with kids meals from October 17 to November 13.

The models appear to be completely new, and a little different. Notably, Celestia is white, and each toy comes with a special accessory. Twilight comes with a bracelet, Rarity has a ring, Celestia has her crown and neck bracelet, and Rainbow has some hair styling accessories. The actual body shapes are also a bit different too, looking a bit lankier than usual. Like other pack-in toys, their tails are still style-able hair.

Given the uniqueness of these toys, I wonder if they’ll start showing up on the trade market—they’re different enough from McDonald’s pack-ins that I bet they will have a draw to those outside of France.

[Editor’s note: whoever does the graphic design for Quick’s promos, please learn how to kern Generation B! ] 

[Source: French Brony forum]

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  1. These toys look pretty. I wonder if Quicks outside of France will do this promotion. I know there’s one in my city.

    • you have to klick on the Tom and Jerry image first, then there appears in the corner an image with ‘from 17 oktober’ with an image of Rarity

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