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In addition to New York Comic Con, there’s a little event going on right now in New York, and that’s the My Little Pony Project. We’ll have some more in-depth coverage for you later from our members who are attending, so stay tuned. A big interest to Gen 4 fans is that there are several new preview pages for the upcoming Friendship is Magic comic books at the event!

Thanks to forum member Kaitou, we’ve got photos of these four pages for you. There are no text or lettering, so plot spoilers are at a minimum, but if you’re a fan of Andy Price’s artwork, these will definitely leave you wanting more. If you’re very sensitive, these may be considered minor spoilers for the comic, so you’ve been warned.

To see photos of these large sample pages, just mosey on beyond the cut!

Comic Preview 1

Comic Preview 2

Comic Preview 3

Comic Preview 4

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  1. So is the comic going to be in black and white or colour?

    Also, I wonder why Pinkie Pie in the first page has Rarity’s hairstyle or is that a changeling as Rarity helping them out?

    • Andy Price ‏@AndyPriceArt

      @JulianAndrewath colors weren’t finished when copied were made for the presentation
      That is his reason, seems they’ll be all colour in the final product.

      As for Pinkies hair… no clue.

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  3. @AndyPriceArt @theroundstable @katiecandraw @ everyone else

    I don’t know if I’m the only one who’s thought of this but:

    “Mars Attacks My Little Pony”!

    Crazy? Naturally. But hey, they’re having crossovers of “Transformers” and “Popeye”, so why not My Little Pony”?
    P.S. I think the comic series itself will be all kinds of great as well. Keep up this great work!

  4. @everyone

    Sorry, I was trying to send just one message (the message that doesn’t mention Transformers and Popeye).