» Ponies Go High Class With Exclusive Designer Collection This Spring

One of the features at the My Little Pony Project’s NY engagement was a nail bar doing free manicures with brightly colored nail polish and a multitude of pony themed embellishments. In addition to the nail bar was as a line up of three styling stations where attendees could get colored extensions styled into their hair. Behind the styling stations was a set of pony standees with attached artificial hair sporting some seriously sparkly accessories. Beneath each pony was a corresponding jewelery box. The sign above the bright lights of the stylists’ mirrors hinted at what their purpose was.

“Kidada” could only be the multi-talented model, actress, fashion designer, and kid-at-heart Kidada Jones, the talent behind 2011’s Kidada for Disney Store designer collection. It seems her creative sights are now set on Hasbro’s star franchise, My Little Pony. See behind the cut for pictures and more details of her new line.

The concept as presented was jewelery and accessories for your hair. Each pony had their own designs displayed both on the standees and in a jewelery box underneath. Colored extensions, rub in wash out temporary hair color, and an assortment of clips and combs to coordinate. The samples on display were pretty high quality. Clasps hold tightly and won’t be dislodged easily and the metal construction feels solid, while the rhinestones appear to be quality glass crystal rather than inexpensive acrylic.

Unfortunately, I missed the nail bar on Saturday due to the LIRR’s love of unannounced cancellations due to track work.

Details were scant but the Kidada for My Little Pony collection is set to launch in March according to the stylist who did my hair. Attendees were able to leave their email address to receive notifications of when and where the line will be available to buy, so we’ll keep you informed of any new information.

A run down of the accessories on display, pictures in the gallery.

 Pinkie Pie’s line is unabashedly pink and cheery with a heart theme and small accents of blue and white, her extensions are red and pink with blue, yellow, and pink temporary color on display.

Rarity’s line has an elegant purple color palette in a floral theme accented with turquoise, white, and pink. Her extensions are two tones of purple corresponding to the two shades used on her toy and the temporary color was displayed in purple and turquoise. Rarity’s was the only set to use rhinestones with the iridescent Aurora Borealis coating, which I thought was a nice touch.

Applejack’s earthy red, yellow, and orange theme uses bows for that down home, farm girl style and an enamel apple accented with a rhinestone. She has red extensions with orange and yellow temporary color displayed.

Rainbow Dash’s collection is big, colorful, and brash, featuring chunky rainbow themed clips, hair tie, and comb along with multiple colored accent stones. I saw red and blue extensions in the box next to blue, yellow, and purple temporary colors.

Twilight Sparkle has a purple and pink color scheme with a celestial theme, sporting bright stars contrasting with the lower key mono-color purple accessories. Her extensions are red-pink and purple with pink and purple temporary colors.

Fluttershy has the expected pink extensions, but wows with a big two layered butterfly themed butterfly clip in yellow. Smaller pink butterflies, pink and yellow accent stones, and a pink comb accented with some blue stones complete the set, with pink and yellow temporary color available.


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  1. The stands in particular were amazing to see in-person, though thanks to your pictures I got to see some additional details I missed the first time (because I was distracted by the amazing pony displays and cool leather jackets. ^^

    • Oh the jackets were awesome, I would so wear one if they were made in my size and not hideously expensive. I got a really nice shot of the lining though that will show up in my MLPP write up (lot of photos to go through still, ended up with ~140 usable ones after culling some misfires and too blurry ones).

      • It just occurred to me that this place is affiliated with Ponygoons — I used to play in that old Minecraft pony server of theirs (before it got mysteriously killed of). I wonder if my old Ponygoons forum account is still active, I only posted maybe once or twice…. >.>;

          • Yay! I’ll give it a shot later then (when I look up my password list at home). :)

            Incidentally, your name sounds familiar as well. (Along with names like Drunkill and Westy).

  2. Gabby Gumms was right! Fluttershy does have tail extensions!!! ;) Interesting and informative article. Thanks for sharing.

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