» Season 3 Premiere Date Announced: November 10

Thanks to our friends over at DerpyHoovesNews, the news is out—Entertainment Weekly has first dibs, and  has announced that Season Three of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will start airing November 10, 2012. Mark your calendars, everyone, because the Long Ponyless Summer Fall will soon be over!

Do note that the Entertainment Weekly page has some clips and discussion about the two-part opener, so if you are avoiding spoilers, you might want to avoid their article. The Hub has confirmed the date as well, so everybody get ready for new miniature colored equines! 

[Source: Entertainment Weekly via DerpyHoovesNews]

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  1. He wait this time around wasn’t nearly as painful as the pre-Season 2 one, probably because the fan content is so much richer this time around. There’s mroe than enough of it around to get one’s “pony fix” pretty much 24/7. ^^