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FOB Equestria

The fellows over at FOB Equestria, the site run by fans that are members of armed forces, have been posting interviews that they took back at Canterlot Gardens. There’s several interviews with show staff along with some of the non-pony guests of honor.

Grey DeLisle (nobody on ponies, but best known as Princess Azula, Mandy, etc)
Amy Keating Rogers – Writer on Season 1 and 2 of MLP: FiM
Britt McKillip
(Princess Cadence)
Tara Strong
(Twilight Sparkle)
Lee Tockar (Snips, Steven Magnet)
Cathy Weseluck
(Spike, Mayor Mare)
Andrew W.K. (Noted party animal) 

[Source: FOB Equestria]

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