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Toys! God I love toys! Dear Princess Celestia, I'm broke.

Welcome to our first regular weekly merch and toys round-up! I’m Pineapple and I’ll be your toy correspondent until they fire me for never shutting up about toys.

There’s a cavalcade of new pony swag this week. Look behind the cut for new fast food ponies, new licensed and unlicensed pony swag, and the latest from the depths of Chinese auction site TaoBao in the TaoBaonanza

Fan Merch

Twilight Sparkle Bow Tie

Kaitou of MyLittleTies released this teaser image for his next product, bow ties! Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash bow ties are expected to be up for pre-order next week.

In addition to the new bow ties, new neckties are on their way as well. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and fan favorite Time Turner/Dr. Whooves will be available for pre-order soon.

And because Kaitou is awesome, you can use coupon code PONYGOON for 10% off of your order.

Licensed Merch

We got the scoop about this two weeks ago, but now they’re officially out: French fast food joint Quick has four My Little Pony toys for its “Magic Meals.” Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Princess Celestia, and Rainbow Dash will be available, each with their own accessories. They have molded manes with brushable tails and appear to be new sculpts, not repackaged McDonald’s toys.

Quick Magic Meal Ponies Quick Magic Meal Ponies

Check out TechPhek’s merch blog for more.

Toys R’ Us has some new accessories by “Fashion Accessory Bazaar”
First the wallets mentioned on TechPhek’s blog. There are currently three available featuring Rainbow Dash, DJ Pon-3, and Zecora.  Being $8 wallets from a toy store I’m not betting on them being particularly durable or spacious, but I still want that Zecora one.

Some new sling backpacks (the kind where the drawstrings are the shoulder straps) by the same company are available for pre-order. One features Rainbow Dash in a comic book panel style and the other features Dash, DJ Pon-3, and Zecora with the legend PFF! (Pony Friends Forever!)

A lunchbox style tin box featuring DJ PON-3 was up but the link is now dead. I didn’t think to grab the picture. Maybe it’ll come back.

American Greetings is following up last year’s Pinkie Pie ornament with a set of 5 smaller ornaments. 4 flat back sculpted ponies, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie, with a circular ornament featuring Spike. The perfect touch for a pony-rific tree.

American Greetings 2012 My Little Pony Ornaments American Greetings 2012 My Little Pony Ornaments

Hot Topic, aside from the much talked about Funko pony figures (review forthcoming), has a veritable Rainbow Dash-a-palooza of merch featuring the bold pegasus. You can now lounge around in your Rainbow Dash pants and your Rainbow Dash bath robe, wearing your Rainbow Dash belly ring, plugs, and barbells, and donning your Rainbow Dash shades to be ready to face the day. Hopefully while working from home so your co-workers don’t call the funny farm on you.

And three new 1.25” buttons featuring Fluttershy, Derpy Hooves, and the main cast.

Unlicensed Merch

Chinese wig maker L-Email, primarily known for their anime cosplay wigs, are offering a line suitable for cosplay as your favorite ponies. Ranging between 30 and 45 US dollars before shipping, they look pretty dang good without being excessively expensive. Rainbow Dash fans are out of luck though, she’s not one of the six options.  Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy (wavy), Fluttershy (straight), and Pinkie Pie are available.


For our readers who don’t know; Chinese auction site TaoBao is like a cross between eBay, CraigsList, Amazon Marketplace, and the very essence of pandemonium. Hasbro toys are manufactured in China, and slip-ups, prototypes, and not yet available toys often find their way onto the site. I’m going to try to keep you abreast of the new and interesting from the baffling auction site.

The first item I’m highlighting has some of the translucent blind bag ponies that have been popping up here and there. These “crystal” ponies may be in wave 7 or 8, as we know they’re not wave 6. They’re not just previous wave “glitter” ponies without the glitter as the crystal ponies have painted hair while the glitter ponies do not. In addition there are some new molds and graphics in use, the Wonderbolt mold from the three packs is in evidence, and the crystal pony that appears to be Apple Fritter has previously unseen eye graphics.

Addendum: Strawberry Reef has more pictures of the crystal ponies, and the purple Pinkie mold that resembles G3 Lickity Split is the G4ification of Rainbow Swirl.

Next, someone selling fakie ponies! Fakies are knock-offs of My Little Pony, either in packaging, design, or both. These G4 fakies have a pretty accurate mold, all three variants are earth ponies sporting Fluttershy’s cutie mark and Pinkie Pie’s eyes.

The real neat thing is the box, a knock off of the G3.5 single box with edited G4 clip art on it. It features alicorn versions of Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy along with the regular clip art ponies. Topping it off is some G3.5 Ponyville box copy that has nothing to do with the toy.  Kinda hard to read in the picture so here it is:

Whenever the ponies visit the sea, they magically become beautiful mermaids! Join them as they have waves of fun discovering a brand new world!

That’s all for this week! Join us next week for more merch madness. If you have tips or fan items to submit for Sunday Merch Madness, drop me a line at [email protected]

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  1. Your translucent blind bag compilation is inaccurate (Rainbow Swirl is from this G3-themed set, not wave 7), outdated and incomplete. This page has a better listing of all twenty-four ponies from the wave, though it’s still not perfect (e.g. it calls Caramel Apple from S1E01 just “Unknown Pony (apples)”).

    [snipped spoilers]

  2. That’s a pretty thorough write-up, especially the section on the unlicenses and TaoBao toys (gotta love those spontaneous alicorns,… or is it “pegacorns?”). The cosplay wigs are remarkable, although given the Animesque appeal of the show, I reckon it was only inevitable we would start to see these. ^^

    The buttons are cool, but small… I could easily make ones twice the size. :3

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