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In less than two weeks’ time, Equestria LA will go down on November 3-4 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. That doesn’t mean that guest announcements will stop, though, because they’ve added another talent to their list of honored guests. Michelle Creber, the speaking voice of Apple Bloom and the singing voice of Sweetie Belle, is joining a now quite long list of honored guests at the convention.

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Michelle Creber Joining In On EQLA!

If you were listening to Saturday Night Songs on Everfree Radio, you may have heard our exclusive announcement straight from the pony’s mouth. Equestria LA is excited to announce that Michelle Creber, voice of Apple Bloom (and singing voice of Sweetie Belle) will be one of our special guests at Equestria L.A!

Michelle, who recently release her first solo album Timeless: Songs of a Century will be present at Equestria L.A. for panels, autographs, CD sales, and more! It’s exciting to have her join our already illustrious list of guests.

Along with Michelle, we can announce that in addition to Odyssey (Eurobeat Brony), we also have musicians Silva Hound, DJ Alex S, Foozogz, and Mic the Microphone coming out to EQLA to perform!

Please check out our schedule for a full list of events.

Also – Just a reminder! If you missed out on Saturday badges and still want to attend, we are accepting staff applications at www.equestriala.com/staffapply.php! There are great bonuses for being on staff, but remember that being on staff does come with great responsibility! That being said, volunteer at least 4 hours of your time to contributing to the operation of EQLA and admission for both Saturday and Sunday will be included with your staff badge. Volunteer eight hours and you will get convention admission for both days of Equestria LA 2013 for free!

We’re close to being completely sold out! Only a few Sunday badges are still available. Head over to our page to pick them up (www.equestriala.com).

We look forward to seeing you in November! 

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