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This is our first article in a series called TRS Investigates, where we look at things going on in ponies or the fandom and try to sort it all out for you. Think of it like Mythbusters, except for ponies!

A few days ago, a single new episode title leaked on Zap2It with no synopsis on a strange air date. However, things have gotten significantly more interesting, with a new leak today revealing several possible new episode titles, thanks to Wayoshi on our forums. Normally, a single new title might be reason to question it, but now several new titles with more pony-theme names have shown up. But is this a confirmed leak like we had with Season 3 episode 3 the other day, or just a bunch of malarkey?

Read beyond the cut to see possible spoilers and read our take.

The title from the other day, Magic Duel, does show up. However, several new numbers and airdates are there as well, which is what prompted us to take a look. The titles are as follows:

S03, E04 One Bad Apple 12/07/2012
S03, E05 Magic Duel 12/03/2012
S03, E06 Sleepless in Ponyville 12/08/2012
S03, E07 Wonderbolt Academy 12/15/2012
S03, E09 Apple Family Reunion 12/22/2012

The first thing to pay attention to is the airdates: Only some are on Saturdays, and some episodes are out of order. 306 comes right after 304 on a Friday and Saturday, respectively. This is most likely on Zap2It, as it’s not the first time they’ve had wacky things with episode titles with strange airdates (Strawberry Elves, anyone)? In addition, episode 8 appears to be skipped entirely.

However, due to the fact that it’s multiple new titles with relevant names like Sleepless in Ponyville and Wonderbolt Academy, we’re more likely to believe this is a legitimate leak. Unlike Wikipedia, Zap2It is curated and information is supplied from networks. People can’t just go in and edit it, and unless someone is interested in losing their job, they probably wouldn’t want to troll unsuspecting TV fans. We’re still unsure about Magic Duel due to its earlier solo leak, but the others seem quite plausible.

Wonderbolts Academy would also tie in well with some earlier leaked screenshots, as well. It was labeled as Wonderbolt Academy Flying Field as well, lending credence to this one.

This also isn’t the first time we’ve seen a mass title leak, as about halfway through Season 1 we had a leak of nearly all remaining episode titles, which turned out to be correct. Episode titles sometimes got released early during season 2 as well, like Putting Your Hoof Down, which turned out to be correct.

So what’s our take? It’s cautious optimism. We’re willing to call the episode titles plausible, but not the airdates. When we have confirmed airdates and synopses, you’ll see them posted here on their own individual news posts. 

[Source: Zap2It]

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  1. The airdates are accurate, but they’re not the initial airdates. Those are other days that said episodes will air after their first (premiere) Saturday.