» Galacon 2013 Announced for Ludwigsburg Forum

Canni Canni, Galacon Mascot. Art by Livid (http://kumkrum.deviantart.com)

Galacon, the German pony fan convention that took place earlier this year, is ready to get the gears turning for their sophomore convention. The event, taking place on August 3-4, 2013, has a new home: The Ludwigsburg Forum in Stuttgart, Germany. The new venue means increased space and opportunities for those attending the German convention.

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My dear loyal subjects,

as our beloved ponies are about to begin their third season, we are happy to make a big announcement for next year’s GalaCon! As you know, the convention will take place on the 3rd and 4th of August, 2013.

During the last couple of weeks, as our plans for GalaCon 2013 evolved, it became clear to us that to be able to provide you all with a truely phantastic experience, we would need to make a huge leap to a bigger and more suited location. To make this all happen, our team has decided to move GalaCon a few kilometers out of Stuttgart to a true marvel, the Ludwigsburg Forum.

The Forum will give us the space and scope to make next year’s convention every brony’s dream! It’s way easier to reach by car or train connections than our previous venue and it’s as beautful as we could hope.

Source: City of Ludwigsburg, Germany

And to make sure you can travel to us at a reasonable price, we will negotiate something with the public transport providers. Our new website, at www.galacon.eu, will be starting soon and will provide you with a lot more detailed information. Stay tuned!

Best wishes,

GalaCon team


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