» Evo 2013 Includes ‘Fighting is Magic’ as Potential Tournament Game

Update: ManeSix responds to EVO Donation Drive selection.

Update 2: EVO 2013 changes ‘Fighting is Magic’ in Tournament Charity Donation Drive

The Evolution Championship Series, the yearly fighting game tournament, have announced their lineup for 2013. While seven games have already been decided, the eighth game will come be decided via charity donation drive.

Fighting is Magic is among the options listed – and, of this writing, is winning. Get the full info after the break.

Per Shoryuken:

You may have noticed that there are only seven games in the list. To determine the 8th game, we’re holding a donation drive, with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Here’s how it works.

We’ve set up a donation page for the each of the most popular games in our previous Facebook poll.  The game whose community raises the most money to help find a cure for breast cancer will be the final game at this year’s EVO. You can help get your game there by donating yourself, or by forwarding this page to your friends and relatives.

Shortly afterwards, it was revealed the Fighting is Magic donation page was in the lead:

Feel free to support a good cause, the game, and the community in one fell swoop.


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