» New Hub Ponies Promo Video Features Upcoming Episode Tidbits

Fluttershy Flapping

With new episodes of ponies due very soon—the next new episode is due on January 19 with more to follow in the coming weeks)—The Hub’s readying the hype machine in their usual way. Today a new combination promo for upcoming episodes aired on the channel, and we’ve got a recording for you! These are probably considered the minorest of spoilers, so if you really don’t want to see a couple very tiny clips, then don’t click the read more. But if you want to get your dose of hype, I’ve recorded the promo and uploaded it to Youtube. check behind the cut for a video!


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  2. 0:09-0:11

    …Okay, so apparently Discord DIDN’T break from his prison, and Twilight has to release him… There’s definitely something going on here, as in Celestia NEED Discord’s help with something… Fascinating…

    Also, the other clips are very intriguing, but I’m not sure what to make of them…

  3. Although the CMC looking atht ponies in the orb might have to do with that one screenshot with them, the pets, and the treasure chest.

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