» MLP Comics Issues #3, #4 Delayed By One Week Each

FiM Comics Cover Doctor Whooves

Bad news for those looking to get their next hit of sequential equines: the next two issues of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are being pushed back a week from their current release dates. Because the MLP: FiM comics (and other IDW titles) are printed overseas in Korea and imported into the country, they are at risk of delays beyond the control of editorial staff. Bobby Curnow, editor for MLP: FiM, breaks the bad news over at the IDW Publishing Forums.

Hey guys,

I’ve made a huff about our books not really being late, as they hit the month they are solicited for. Unfortunately, I’ve got bad news to report.

Due to a customs inspection, MLP#3 is going to be delayed a week, till the first week of February. By extension, MLP#4 will ship the first week of March.

Trust me, no one is more frustrated by this than me. We’ve pulled such long hours to ensure this book gets out on time. To see our efforts blown to the wind like this is extremely, extremely annoying.

So: apologies, if there was anything I, or IDW could do, we would do it. I can say that the books are great!

This results in the comic being pushed back from its expected January 30th release to February 7. MLP #4, tentatively scheduled for February 27, will be pushed back to the first week of March. There is no word if this affects the shipments of Micro Series #1, which is still scheduled for the end of February. 

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