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Bad news for everyone, and this time it’s not about Snowbracabra. Mane6, the dev team behind the fan game Fighting is Magic, has been served a cease and desist by Hasbro Legal.

 We have received a C&D letter from Hasbro’s Legal representatives, asking us to cease game development, remove any materials that might contain My Little Pony characters, names, locations or related elements from the sites we control (Our site, our youtube, our twitch), and “cease any further use of [their] MY LITTLE PONY property”.

The team has started legal discussions, but the outlook seems pretty grim. Unfortunately, it is well within Hasbro’s right to shut down such projects, as they must defend their trademarks (as detailed in our articles dealing with intellectual property). That does not mean we approve of their decision to do so, though, as this was one of the most hotly anticipated and well-done projects to emerge from the online fandom. With one of the largest fan projects effectively cut off, this could have implications for other fan projects as well.

As we get more news, we will keep you posted. 

[Source: DerpyHoovesNews via ManeSix Dev Team.]

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    • The EVO donation drive was probably the point where they couldn’t plausibly say “Oh no we’ve never heard of any such thing” anymore. Hasbro is generally pretty lenient with their IP defense as long as you’re not directly competing with them (youtube uploads when episodes are for sale on youtube). If you want a boot crushing a face forever, you wanna play with Disney’s toys.

      Everyone has lawyers, it just remains to be seen how much of their work to date can be salvaged. They may be able to release it with only art asset changes and a name change, it may be worse than that. We simply don’t know yet.

  1. No. No. No. No. No.
    This – I don’t even know where to begin. This project has taken almost two years of blood, sweat, and tears to make. I’m positive it was a hard road for all of the creators, but to have it shut down like this?

    Between [SPOILERS] no more Derpy next season, and all the fan content being taken down/shut down, our time here looks pretty grim.

    But we can get through this. We MUST. WE MUST.

  2. Of course this is sad and stuff but I think most fan projects would work just as great without ponies. The only thing that the ponies change about fighting is magic is that it’s like free advertisement for Hasbro.
    And why not get a license from Hasbro? I bet they would be collaborative if there would be a place like WeLoveFine for games!

  3. Delurking to say: Between this and them pulling Friendship Is Witchcraft, I think it’s pretty clear that Hasbro’s lawyers are declaring war on fans.

    I say we take them on and hit them where it hurts: with a boycott.

    • Hasbro did not take down the fan content on YouTube, YouTubes automated ContentID did. No actual person was involved.

      • YouTube says otherwise: “This video contains content from Hasbro Studios LLC, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” Hasbro has requested that content blocked, and YouTube complied, in other words. Now, it’s highly likely that there was an automatic element involved and they weren’t specifically targeting FIW, but if their sweep included videos that have original-episode visuals but not audio, then their sweep included fanvids as well as piracy, and they need to stop equating the two.

  4. I just don’t understand things like this. Couldn’t Hasbro work together with Mane 6 to put the game out? I mean, there is a ready-made market for it. Why throw all that work away when they could profit from it. Instead they are pissing off their fans. It would be different if they had been protective of their intellectual property from the beginning, but one of the main pillars of this whole fandom was Hasbro’s leniency.

    My theory is that MLP has made enough money now that the upper level executives are taking notice, and they have no idea how it works or what is going on. They are just following business 101, and that attitude will kill everything. Being participants, not just consumers, is the main engine behind bronies. If we are no longer welcome to participate, you can see the end from here.

    • Hasbro may be more interested in securing the market for actual profitable products made by paying licensees. Unfortunately, that would mean they won’t ignore high-profile fanworks nor issue free-fan licenses – either way Hasbro makes no (direct) money off of such an arrangement.

      The five page feature spread on the front page of GameSpot.com about ‘Fighting is Magic’ didn’t help, either. Any hope of them flying under the radar, even as an indy presenter at EVO, went out the window at that point. As someone else mentioned regarding the C&D and Mane6, “Pride was their undoing”. Sad.

      • I don’t really see where it wouldn’t be profitable. Hasbro isn’t spending a penny to make the game. All they would have to do is have Mane 6 agree they would only release it after Hasbro review the content for quality and agree to a split on profits. Even if the game only cost a dollar and they split the profit 50/50, that’s money though didn’t have to do anything at all to make. But maybe it’s more complicated than that. I don’t know anything about marketing, after all.

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