» MLP: FiM Comics Issue #6 To See Early Release at Wondercon

Pony Comic #6 Cover Dash and Scootaloo

Do you like horse comics and live near the general Orange County, California area? Then you could have a (legitimate) way to pick up the next issue of IDW’s Friendship is Magic mainline comic series before it hits store shelves. At Wondercon, the Sketch Cover Exclusive of issue #6 will be available to congoers as an exclusive for the cool cost of $10, or one Alexander Hamilton.

In addition, several members of IDW’s Pony creative team will be on hand for panels. On Sunday, March 31st at 2-3 PM IDW will be hosting a Hasbro panel which will include Amy Mebberson and Heather Nuhfer from today’s issue #5.

For autographs, Amy Mebberson, Heather Nuhfer, and Tony Fleecs will be available for signings on Friday, March 29 at 3-4 PM, and Saturday, March 30 at 2-3 PM. Thom Zahler, who wrote and drew the Twilight Sparkle Micro, will be on hand for signings at 2-3PM on Sunday, March 31.

For all of IDW’s WonderCon exclusives and programming, check out their info page

[Source: IDW Press Release]

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  1. I hope that purple cobra is a reference to Arbok.

    Because that was the first thing I thought of.

    • Ohh, nevermind, I see now that they’re cobra versions of the other ponies. That’s pretty great.