» Double Rainboom Released on Youtube

For those who have been keeping track of fan animation projects, Double Rainboom is the first full episode length fan animation based on the characters from the show. After a year’s worth of development, it has finally been released, with over 5,000 fans watching its premiere on Everfree Network.

Last year we intereviewed the director, Zachary Rich, about the project. You can find the youtube version of the video embedded here. 

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  1. A fun roller coaster ride. LOTS of references to spot and the animation is generally good. That’s about it though.

  2. As an animation project for school, I’d give Double Rainboom about an 8.5 or 9/10.

    As a fan work made by amateurs purely out of love for the source material: 7.5 or 8.

    As the “fan-made episode” it was advertised as for over a year: 2.

    The animation was surprisingly well done, music and voice acting were pretty good. But the story struck me as the type of thing a seven-year old would come up with while playing with their toys, and pacing was horrendous, and the references were completely unnecessary, and even detracted from the episode at times.