» Entertainment Weekly Preview of Under the Sparkling Sea and upcoming Collector Guides

Sparkling Sea Cover

Entertainment Weekly has put up a preview of some of the upcoming My Little Pony books coming out in the near future.  There is an illustration from the picture book Under the Sparkling Sea (due April 23rd), and the cover and some info on the contents of the collector’s guide called The Elements of Harmony (due in June) that will include a detailed map of Equestria in addition to character bios, song lyrics and episode guide. Also shown is the Mini Pony Collector’s Guide (due in October) of the Mini Figurines found from the Blind Bag sets and other collections, coming with a Bonus Exclusive Figurine ‘TeaLove’. There is also an image of the new Princess Twilight Sparkle punch-out standee card, similar to the standee cards from the Enterplay Trading Cards, available with the recently released Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell book. 

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

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  1. Tealove’s symbol is sightly redesigned (the shades of her cup) for the US collectors.