» IDW Releases Covers, Summaries for MLP: FiM #9 and Micro Series #6

The latest IDW Publishing solicitations are out, and that means we’ve got info for the next set of upcoming books. With MLP #9, Andy Price and Katie Cook return on art and writing for the next four issues, which will be split into two double-issue stories.

Meanwhile, the last in the Mane Six Micro Series is revealed, and it’s the most dependable and loyal of ponies: Applejack! Bobby Curnow, editor of the series, has written this issue himself! Brenda Hickley [Ed. note: I believe this is a misspelling, as Brenda Hickey is an accomplished comics artist] provides the art.

Both of these comics are expected to bow in July.

For synopses, check behind the cut.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #9
Katie Cook (w) • Andy Price (a) • Price, Tony Fleecs (c)
Everypony’s got a story to tell in this new arc by fan-favorites Katie Cook & Andy Price! The citizens of Ponyville take center stage as an ordinary morning for Big McIntosh quickly turns into an unexpected adventure! Filled with tons of colorful characters and side stories, this issue will put Big McIntosh’s typical bashfulness to the test!

My Little Pony: Mane 6 Micro-Series #6 (of 6): APPLEJACK
Bobby Curnow (w) • Brenda Hickley (a) • Amy Mebberson (c)
It’s almost Hearth’s Warming Eve, and the Apple family is busy at work preparing an array of tasty apple treats for all of Ponyville. But when a mysterious creature starts ruining their crop, Applejack sets out to find out who’s behind this tomfoolery! Who, or what, is the SASS SQUASH?? 

[Source: Newsarama]

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  1. Haha, yes, there was an error and it’s supposed to be Brenda Hickey. :)
    I hope you all look forward to the AJ micro! Bobby’s written a great story and it’s going to be a blast to illustrate!

    • We’ve got a comics related subforum called ‘The Changelings Dungeon’ on the forums if you’re interested in dropping by, a couple of other IDW pony writers/artists/colourists have dropped by for some feedback.

      Good job landing this gig too, I look forward to this releasing later in the year.